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Polygon MEV

Polygon POS has witnessed increasing DeFi and NFT activity over 2020 and 2021 leading to generation of signficant MEV opportunities.

  • The Polygon MEV Dashboard tracks MEV statistics on Polygon POS since January 2021.

  • To get an idea of MEV on low-fee Chains, watch a presentation by Supragya (Marlin contributor) on MEV extraction on Polygon in 2021. The presentation focusses on adversarial & non-adversarial spamming activity and how such activities exist on other low-fee chains at a MEV event hosted by Flashbots.


If you are a searcher interested in sending bundles to Polygon validators, please visit the link below.


If you are a Polygon POS validator interested in accepting Flashbots bundles, you will need to install a gateway and change your client to mev-bor. Follow the guide below to get started and don't hesitate to reach out on Discord if you need help!