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A secure enclave is a protected system where data and code are isolated from other processes usually at a hardware level. Also known as Trusted Execution Environments (TEEs), they ensure confidentiality of data and integrity of computation running in them. This property is especially useful in decentralized networks where data and computation might be leaked or manipulated by untrusted hosts in whose machines the data is stored and processed.

Marlin Oyster brings the power of enclaves to Web 3. It allows services that would otherwise be centrally hosted (think relays, gateways, APIs) to be run in a decentralized network of untrusted nodes. Simultaneously, it allows these services to be managed purely through smart contracts removing the need for individuals, signatories of a multisig or a team of devops engineers to manage infrastructure.

The Oyster platform comes in two flavors:


For users who wish to deploy serverless functions secured by enclaves.


For users who wish to deploy whole instances.