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Audits & Bug Bounty

  • Users understand the risks involved when participating in the Marlin protocol.
  • Users understand that no number of audits can guarantee full safety and that security is a continuous process.
  • Users understand that bugs in smart contracts or frontend code or DNS-hijacking attempts by malicious actors may lead to a loss of funds and/or data from the wallet or device used to interact with the protocol or associated contracts and interfaces.


Listed below are links to the reports from the audits conducted till date:

  • Peckshield (27 December 2020) - Report
  • Certik (9 November 2020) - Report
  • Knowsec (22 October 2020) - Report
  • Peckshield (10 September 2020) - Report
  • Peckshield (8 September 2022) - Report

Bug Bounty

Security is of utmost importance at Marlin and a new set of eyes always helps!

If vulnerabilities of any nature are found, email security [at] marlin [dot] org and a developer will respond immediately to verify and fix the same.