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For Validators


Polygon Gateway Architecture

There are 2 core components:

  • gateway: Receives bundles from the Marlin network and passes them on to the validator
  • mev-bor: drop-in replacement for bor that uses the bundles to maximize validator fees.


See here for instructions to setup mev-bor:

Now, contact us to set up a dedicated gateway for you.

Note that in addition to receiving bundles, the gateway has 2 optional components in order to send and receive blocks from the Marlin network. While they aren't needed for MEV extraction, they help in maximizing the time searchers have to create bundles. This increases competition among searchers and results in higher MEV extraction.

Splitting Bor from Heimdall

The Polygon PoS network has two sub-networks working in tandem - Bor and Heimdall. Regardless of whether or not you intend to extract MEV, you might be interested in reading about the following design to minimize the risk of missing checkpoints.


Since some validators are apprehensive about using mev-bor on mainnet from get-go, Loki provides validators a testnet for validators to gain comfort. Validators can join the testnet by following the steps below.