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Loki Testnet

The Loki testnet features a simpler architecture where Marlin runs a mock Heimdall layer with a permissioned validator list which doesn't need the validator to stake any tokens on any chain. This enables the validator to focus their efforts on solely the Bor layer.

This guide assumes you have the bor binary ready to use.

Step 1: Download the genesis file.


Step 2: Initialize bor.

/path/to/bor --datadir /path/to/datadir init genesis.json

Step 3: (Only for mining nodes) Generate a sealing key.

/path/to/bor --datadir /path/to/datadir account new --password /path/to/pass.txt

Step 4: Start bor.

Without mining enabled:

/path/to/bor --datadir /path/to/datadir --syncmode 'full' --networkid 1137 --bor.heimdall '' --bootnodes "enode://edf8c774a442603c497989529940b92489b98d0382ba6e9a01f5b1587e09f1a9d40faff5396a77e39ffc89ae0a0[email protected]:30303"

With mining enabled:

/path/to/bor --datadir /path/to/datadir --syncmode 'full' --networkid 1137 --miner.gaslimit '20000000' --miner.gastarget '20000000' --mine --unlock 0xSEALINGKEY --password /path/to/pass.txt --allow-insecure-unlock --bor.heimdall '' --bootnodes "enode://edf8c774a442603c497989529940b92489b98d0382ba6e9a01f5b1587e09f1a9d40faff5396a77e39ffc89ae0a0[email protected]:30303"

That's it! Once the node is synced, see here to setup the gateway.