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The Multicast SDK enables applications to connect and interface with the Marlin network and serves as a common building block for any developer needing to use the Marlin network for realtime communication between their nodes.

What does the Multicast SDK give you?

PubSub abstraction

The PubSub (short for Publish/Subscribe) abstraction is an extremely powerful and flexible abstraction for multicast communication modelled around the concept of message channels. Subscribers register interest in certain channels and publishers publish relevant messages in these channels which are automatically pushed to registered subscribers.


The Multicast SDK can discover nodes in the Marlin network, select good peers and automatically establish PubSub channels with them. The application can thus adapt to changes in the Marlin network without intervention from the developer or the user.


The Multicast SDK is fully asynchronous utilizing non-blocking networking APIs. This enables developers to build responsive applications with minimal effort.


Instructions to use the Multicast SDK is available in the User Guides section linked below.


The gateways used to interact with the Marlin Relay are built using the Multicast SDK.

Technical details

Some technical details of interest are presented in the subsections below.