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Contract Addresses

This section contains information about the various contract addresses related to Marlin.


The Marlin network, its tokens and several contracts have migrated from the Ethereum network to Arbitrum. POND and MPond can be transferred to/from these networks via the official bridge by Arbitrum.

Token Contract Addresses

Below are the contract addresses for POND and MPond. These can be used to add the POND and/or MPond ticker on any non-custodial wallets.

POND token contract addresses:

MPond token contract addresses:

Bridge Contract Address

POND can be converted to MPond (and vice versa) using the Marlin bridge on the mainnet Ethereum network.


The Marlin Bridge should not be confused with the official Arbitrum bridge which is used to move POND/MPond between the Ethereum and Arbitrum network.

MPond-POND bridge contract:

For more information on how the Marlin bridge operates, visit:

Staking Contract Address

POND is the utility token of the Marlin protocol which can be used to stake to receive blocks/transactions from Marlin nodes while MPond is used to operate Marlin nodes to join the Marlin network.


The staking contracts were intially on Ethereum and have since migrated to Arbitrum.

To participate in the Marlin network, visit: